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$3900 to $8900 Premium fabrics from Ermenegildo Zegna, Scabal, Lora Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Charles Clayton, Harrisons of Edinburg, Thomas Fisher, Fox Brothers, and Smith Woolens

Bespoke tailoring – MyTailor’s secret to a perfect fit

Bespoke tailoring is the absolute best tailoring available and the way MyTailor™ fashions your wardrobe. Sometimes called “custom made” or “bench made,” bespoke refers to a time-honored tradition of creating suits and other garments one at a time to precisely fit the characteristics of a specific person’s body. With bespoke, the fit and details are yours and yours alone.

MyTailor™ is proud to adhere to the bespoke tradition, as we feel it is the essence of custom tailoring. And we are not alone. Our customers tell us they love the fit and the opportunity to help design their “limited edition of one” men’s suits, jackets, slacks, shirts, vests and tuxedos. Every last detail is just the way they want it, and the feeling is sheer delight. You “bespeak” your preferences, and we take it from there!
Your individual pattern
Bespoke tailoring is an art that requires years of training a keen eye for proportion, detail and style—an entirely individualized approach with no shortcuts. Our experienced tailors take your entire range of measurements, including width of thigh, wrist size, lengths, height, weight, stance, shoulder shape and arm curvature. Absolutely everything unique about your body is analyzed and noted. Why? Simply because each of these subtle factors helps determine how a suit drapes, fits, and moves with your body. Using these precise measurements and observations, your tailor then fashions an individual pattern for your bespoke garments.
No shortcuts
Some other tailors rely on a “good enough” approach, keeping a collection of stock patterns on hand to use as a starting point for fashioning so-called “custom” garments. This “cookie cutter” approach is better than purchasing off the rack, but certainly lacks the quality of true bespoke tailoring.

We’re talking mostly about men’s suits here. But keep in mind that MyTailor™ also offers slacks, shirts, jackets, vests and tuxedos through in-person tailoring. And you can also order custom tailored shirts and slacks (with more to come) right here at our website,
Bespoke detailing
Beyond a spectacular fit, MyTailor’s bespoke tailoring provides exactly what you want in fabrics, style, lapel width, number and placement of pockets, lining type and many other personalized features. Far more exact than a cookie cutter approach, MyTailor’s bespoke tailoring reflects your individual style, shape and preferences in a way that defies comparison.
Looking your best
Some men may feel their bodies are not well suited to bespoke tailoring. At MyTailor™, we politely disagree. Our tailors can make men look taller, thinner, smarter, better through the art of custom tailoring. Narrow shoulders can be made to look broader. Short legs can appear longer. Whatever your individual features, MyTailor™ can enhance the positives and downplay those you might consider less becoming. Once your clothing fits beautifully, an interesting thing happens. Many clients report a newfound confidence and ease in business and social settings. They know they look their very best, and their presence is immediately felt.
Origin of ‘bespoke’
‘Bespoke’ today means a product that is custom made. It originated from a time when a man would state (bespeak) or lay claim to an item or design as his own. Today the term is used in the tailoring industry to identify made to measure garments that are made one at a time for an individual client.

Be aware that the terms “custom tailoring” and “bespoke” are used somewhat loosely in the world of men’s fashion. Consequently, some men’s wardrobes may lack the exacting fit and incomparable quality of a genuine bespoke garment from MyTailor™. Some tailors use generic templates from another client of similar shape and dimensions, rather than treating the client as a unique individual.
Importance of the cutter
Once the style, measurements and custom tailoring decisions have been made, the skill of the cutter determines the ultimate quality of the finished garment. In simple terms, the better the cuts, the better the appearance of the suit on your body. It will move smoothly and effortlessly with you, complementing your strengths and expressing you personal style.
The artistry of My Tailor
The bespoke tailor is an artist in the truest sense. Using a gentleman’s imperfect body as inspiration, the tailor fashions a garment that captures every subtlety and offers generous opportunities for personal expression.

Whether you begin with a men’s suit, shirt, slacks, jacket, vest or tuxedo, the experience promises to be among the most rewarding you can imagine. Gentlemen who try custom tailoring often become lifetime advocates, simply because no off-the-rack garment or modified stock garment can compare. Once they experience the superb fit that embraces and enhances their individuality, they are hard pressed to settle for run of the mill clothing.
Benefits of Bespoke Tailoring by MyTailor

Fit – The bespoke approach is made to your measurements, your form and your posture. It is expressly for you. Once you have experienced bespoke tailoring, we dare say it may be impossible to return to ready-to-wear, altered garments.

Selection – Even if you are a 40 regular, ready made selection is always limited and can never offer you the scope of fabrics that you will find from a MyTailor™ professional. Visit or plan an in person fitting. We have every fabric in your size.

Style – When is the last time you were able to specify a peak or notch label, a side, center or no vent, double-breasted style, vest or an extra pair of trousers? Or for that matter, what about something really special, like working buttonholes, hand stitched edges, and that extra cell phone pocket? It’s all possible with a custom suit from MyTailor™.

Quality – The materials and trimmings as well as the workmanship and hand detailing that go into bespoke tailoring are of exceptionally high quality. Ready made simple cannot compare!

Individuality – Your custom tailored, bespoke garment will be as individual as your own signature.

Value – A bespoke men’s suit, shirt or other garment is truly priceless—a far better value than ready made, and in some cases even lower in price than expensive designer clothing.
Price to Please
Blends: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Price: $59 - $79
Single-Ply 100% Cotton   
Price: $59 - $79
Two-Ply Super Fine 100%
Price: $69 - $99
Executive Collection Two-Ply Italian Cottons
Price: $89 - $179
Thomas Mason Silver: Luxury Cottons, Pure Silks and Linens
Price: $125 - $179
Customer Feedback
Personalized Details No Extra Charge
Shirt :
· Monogramming
· Generous long tails
· French cuffs
· Extra pockets
· Contrasting white collars and cuffs
Jackets :
· Full Floating Canvas
No extra charge for suits $800 and higher
· Functional button holes on sleeves
· Inside arm shields
· Additional inside pockets
· Genuine Horn buttons
Slacks :
· Crotch linings –
half or fully lined

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