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3 Suits or 3 Jacket/Slacks Combinations
Vitale Barberis Canonico 110’s $2799.0
Holland and Sherry 130’s $2999.0
Vitale Barberis Canonico 140’s $3099.0
$3900 to $8900 Premium fabrics from Ermenegildo Zegna, Scabal, Lora Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Charles Clayton, Harrisons of Edinburg, Thomas Fisher, Fox Brothers, and Smith Woolens

Travel Advice

Travel is not easy on clothes or its wearer. It is best to be practical and efficient in the clothing you take and how you pack it. Lightweight and comfortable are good rules to follow. Take care to choose clothes that

resist wrinkling, because airline seats and rental cars may not be forgiving.

The following strategies will help your custom made shirts, mens slacks and accessories survive the rigors of travel in great shape.

A packing list will help you save time and remember all the little details.

Often a single tie can be the perfect companion to a number of custom shirts. Choose a tie that coordinates with shirt colors. You will need more slacks than jackets so plan accordingly. Place tissues between packed garments to discourage wrinkling. Be sure to bring an abundance of socks and underwear, as we always need more than we realized. Even if most of your trip will be in formal meetings, don't forget to bring casual slacks for after hours and lounging around. When packing, empty all pockets of jackets, slacks and shirts. Keys, pens and other forgotten items can take their toll on the condition and appearance of your clothing.

Jackets are best placed in garment bags. If necessary, they can be folded together. This is accomplished be turning one shoulder out and tucking the other shoulder into it. The lining will now be facing out and the sleeves tucked inside. You can then fold the jacket once before protecting it inside a plastic bag that fits comfortably in your suitcase.

Slacks can be placed in suitcases and should be the first items to go in.

To minimize wrinkling, place the waistband in the middle of the case and extend the legs outward before draping them back over. Two pairs can be placed together, with waistbands touching and legs extending in opposite directions.

Shirts should be fully buttoned up, with the tail folded below the beltline and tucked back under the rest of the shirt. Although custom shirts are at their best when supported by hangers, this folding method certainly has its place for compact travel.

Belts should never be left in slacks. Rather, position your belt around the perimeter of the suitcase in a natural position.

Ties can negotiate travel very well if they are folded in half, placed on tissue paper and rolled up.

Shoes are best placed in a plastic bag and positioned around the edge of your suitcase to serve as anchors for your other packed items. Since your foot will not be inside, your shoes will provide convenient room for socks and last minute items.
Price to Please
Blends: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Price: $59 - $79
Single-Ply 100% Cotton   
Price: $59 - $79
Two-Ply Super Fine 100%
Price: $69 - $99
Executive Collection Two-Ply Italian Cottons
Price: $89 - $179
Thomas Mason Silver: Luxury Cottons, Pure Silks and Linens
Price: $125 - $179
Customer Feedback
Personalized Details No Extra Charge
Shirt :
· Monogramming
· Generous long tails
· French cuffs
· Extra pockets
· Contrasting white collars and cuffs
Jackets :
· Full Floating Canvas
No extra charge for suits $800 and higher
· Functional button holes on sleeves
· Inside arm shields
· Additional inside pockets
· Genuine Horn buttons
Slacks :
· Crotch linings –
half or fully lined

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