There’s more to a shirt than fabric and buttons

As a fourth generation tailor, we understand all the intricate details and specific traits of an excellent shirt. We blend this tradition with modern technology to bring you a quality garment that fits just right.

The Construction

We combine hand craftsmanship with state of the art pattern making to produce shirts with the perfect fit. Our workshops are trained to pattern match the most complex patterns, establishing bold designs that showcase your style. It all comes down to the look. So to ensure that you always look your best in our shirts, we use specific techniques and high-quality materials.

Constructed with Precision

Single Needle Stitching

We perform single needle stitching that places over 22 stitches per inch to give your shirt a cleaner and more durable seam.

Collar & Cuff Swiss Interlinings

Made from organic cottons, we frame our shirt collars and cuffs with Swiss Interlinings, providing a strong, crisp shape and natural comfort to these critical areas.

Mother of Pearl Buttons

We use 3mm Mother of Pearl Buttons on all of our black and purple collection shirts to enhance their appeal and distinguish them from the rest.

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The collar

Collars are one of the most important features of a shirt, so let’s give them some attention. They need to be comfortable and shapely because a collar should frame that charming face of yours. To achieve this balance between comfort and shape, we hand-turn our collars. And to keep that beautiful shape intact, we always include a helpful Hemrajani Brass Collar Stay with each of our shirts.

FuSed and non-fuSed Collars

All of our collars are constructed with our organic cotton Swiss Interlinings that keep the fold comfortable and attractive. Most of our shirt collars are fused, meaning they are sealed to remain stiff and easily keep their shape. Upon request, we also have the capability to create non-fused collars that provide the most natural feel. These non-fused collars keep their shape, but also require extra care. No matter what, our collars give your neck the rest it needs from long days at the office to lively nights out on the town.

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