There’s more to a shirt than fabric and buttons

As a fourth generation tailor, we understand all the intricate details and specific traits of an excellent shirt. We blend this tradition with modern touches to bring you a quality garment that fits just right.

The Fabrics

An appreciation for quality fabrics is rooted deep within our company. Joe Hemrajani started his career in a shirting mill and has made sure to carry his past experience into today’s production. We care about the integrity of our fabric down to the last thread which is why we know we can make you the best shirt of your life.

The Blue Collection

Our Blue Collection is made from easy care Egyptian Cottons with a thread count ranging from 50-100. With all sorts of fabric options and style choices, these custom shirts will have you looking sharp.

The Black Collection

Directly from the Hemrajani line, our Black Collection includes shirts made with wrinkle-free Egyptian cotton fabrics with a 120 thread count, so they not only make you look handsome, but they also feel great. This selection of Black Collection button-ups are sure to make a statement.

The Purple Collection

Known as our jet setter assortment, the Purple Collection is sourced from all around the world. These gorgeous fabrics are created in high-end mills including Alumo in Switzerland, Soktas in Turkey, and Somelos in Portugal. In Italy alone, we source from Thomas Mason, Albini, Canclini, David and John Anderson, and Tessitura Monti. Wearing these fine shirts will make you feel like an exquisitely dressed, well-traveled man.

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