Back of Shirt Feels Constrictive and Tight

When going for the perfect fit and ordering a custom dress shirt, it’s important that it looks uniform without causing tightness or pulling with different movement. Here you can read about how to correct the problem of feeling constricted in the back area when reaching forward and other movement.

When standing straight with arms to your side everything feels and looks good, but with movement in the arms in a reaching motion, the back begins to pull and feel tight.


Adding side pleats to the back is an obvious fix and this will give plenty of added movement to the shirt. Side pleats also add a handsome stylish business element. If the shirt is more of a casual oxford button-up, then a box pleat is typically the correct pleat choice and also adds great movement to the shirt. Any additional widening to the chest or sleeve isn’t the correct choice in fixing this problem and will only cause the shirt to appear sloppy with a poor fit.