Cuff Style

There are a handful of different cuff style options to considering when designing and ordering a custom dress shirt. The following describes the difference in French versus Barrel cuffs, and the various fit aspects to consider for wearing properly. We also include the benefits and fine details regarding high quality cuffs.

French vs Barrel Cuffs:

Our cuff circumference rule of 3 inches beyond wrist measurement is the same for both French and barrel cuffs. This, as well as our button holes and button placement, make it so that they fit the same. There is an exception, however, when considering cuff links for the French cuff style: it’s recommended to use cuff links that are designed with a natural curve so that the sleeve closure isn’t too tight when links are applied.

High quality cuffs:

You can tell high quality cuffs by checking their durability at the edges: they are sewn where the interlining is folded over at the edge; they are thicker and heartier and very distinguishable at the seams with an almost 3D appearance to them. More information regarding high quality aspects of a dress shirt, including the cuffs, can be found here: High Quality Dress Shirt Construction