Cuff Fit And Watch Allowance

If you consider all the movement your hands and arms perform throughout the day, making sure your dress shirt has a perfect cuff fit, makes a lot of sense. There are design aspects and measurements to consider to make sure your dress shirt ends up with the perfect fitting cuffs for your needs; one important and common need is accommodating for your watch. The following is information to educate you on these decisions.

Cuff tightness and fit:

Cuffs should measure 3 inches wider than the wrist measurement. They should have a nice secure fit to keep it in the correct place, but not too tight to appear and feel restrictive of normal air flow. It’s also important that arm movement doesn’t cause too much fluctuation in cuff placement.

Watch accommodation:

Wearing a watch is still pretty common place among those in the business world, and having your cuff fit circumference designed for adequate watch allowance is ideal. The amount of increase in the cuff measurement depends on the size/type of watch you plan on wearing. For a standard watch no increase is necessary, but a medium watch calls for .25” increase, and a large watch .5” increase.  For extremely large watch wearers, you can increase your cuff circumference by 1/8” increments in the cuff measurements section on the website.  Keep in mind that if you choose not to take this extra step to accommodate for your medium to large watch, it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your cuff because it’s constantly getting caught on your watch, or if there is need to physically yank the cuff back in order to check the time. A slight jiggle of the wrist in an upward motion is all it should take to expose your watch when needed.