Elbow Shirt Rips. Learn How To Avoid Them.

There is nothing more irritating than dealing with elbow shirt rips because then you have to pay to replace the entire sleeve (contact us for steps to take regarding sleeve replacement). This is especially frustrating when the shirt has been tailored to a correct fit; it’s important to note that if you choose a very slim cut shirt, elbow rips can be a problem, but it happens more often than you like.

Elbow shirt rips
Elbow Shirt Rips

Solving the mystery:

Since everyone’s body movement is different, with some being more abrupt, clothing wear and tear will vary among individuals. The mystery of the ever ripping shirt elbows is ongoing, but not too difficult to surmise. It’s not a common problem, but irritating none-the-less. Some options to correct this problem may be:

1. Try ordering shirts with a two-ply construction that is a more durable fabric.

2. Change your shirt measurements by clicking on “My Account”->”My Measurements”->”Edit Current Sizes” and select either your dress shirt or casual shirt depending on where you want to make the changes to fix the allowance in your forearm shirt measurement. Under forearm preferences, if it currently set with a “Slim” setting you will change this to “Normal,” and if it’s “Normal,” change it it to “Extra Room.” Approximately 1/2″ will be added to your forearm area which will prevent elbow shirt rips from excess movement. This is not going to cause any billowing or bulk around the bicep. If the rips are still persistent, considering adding 1/2″ to your bicep measurement.

3. Adding pleats or a box pleat on the back of the shirt will allow you to have more room in the elbow when you extend your arms. Read more about pleats here: Back Shirt Pleat and Dart Options

Ensure the correct sleeve length. If your sleeves are too short, this can cause the fabric to rip in the elbow area.  This is obviously because the fabric circumference will not be wide enough to allow for ample movement without wear and tear in this area. Because the fabric tapers down from the armhole to the end of the sleeve, it’s crucial that the length is perfect.