Forearm Pleat Options

Pleats are a necessary gathering of fabric at the cuff to create a smooth overall tapering effect. The folds are typically .5” of fabric per pleat.  The number of pleats are determined when your sizes are created. Your master tailor, if measured in person, will determine that. Or if you use one of our online measuring options based on the cut you select and body type, the system will automatically select your forearm preference of slim, normal, or extra room.

Generally our customers stay with what we have selected, unless you are experiencing elbow rips or constrictive movement. In that case, check out our article on elbow shirt rips to make the necessary changes to your size profile.

Single Pleat:

Although not very common, a single pleat has a clean appeal and looks great on someone who is considered to have a thin to average build and doesn’t need excess fabric for movement and fit. The single pleat allows for the most amount of tapering from the elbow to the cuff and some men prefer this slim cut finish.

Double Pleat:

The double pleat is the most common and has a tailored finished look. It gives the shirt sleeve ample range of comfortable movement in the elbow and forearm area without looking sloppy or oversized.

Three Pleats:

If the wearer is a little larger of a guy and feels he needs a little more fabric in the forearms and elbows, but doesn’t care to go to the 3-pleat (which is very uncommon and unnecessary if you have a custom shirt with a master tailor at the helm), simply request in the memo section of the order to extend the fabric measurement at the forearm by 1 inch.