Lines on Front of Shirt – Sloping Shoulders

There are several fit issues that have unflattering consequences when wearing a dress shirt – especially one purchased off-the-rack, that is not custom tailored. The following is a tutorial on the issue of someone who has sloping shoulders, and how it can cause odd lines across the front of the shirt, and what can be done to avoid this problem.

If you notice pulling and obvious lines that run from the armpits up to towards the back of the collar, this is usually due to sloping shoulders. Sloping shoulders is a common attribute in guys with an athletic build. Having one shoulder slope more than the other can also be the case, and the dress shirt will need to be tailored and created to accommodate for this. Our in-house tailors can determine the slope of your shoulders simply by a body photo you email in, or most iphones have a free compass app that includes a level that you can use to determine if you have a slope.  A friend will need to hold the phone on your shoulder while in the level mode, and anything 25° or more is sloping. If you hit 30° or more then you have extreme sloping, and this should be noted in your fit profile.

Correct the fit:

The neck and shoulder fabric is cut at an angle and includes a split yoke. Our tailors have years of experience and know how to apply these changes to your shirt to ensure accuracy. Once your size profiler has the changes noted, your future orders will have a perfect fit.