Shirt Collar Choices and Aspects to Learn More

A Shirt Collar has had a huge part in distinguished men’s fashion since the Victorian age; back when there weren’t a lot of different shirt collar choices. Over the years they became less flamboyant, but equally important to a gentlemen’s wardrobe. In the early 1900’s, collars were starched stiff and wrinkle resistant so as not to shame the wearer, and typically sold separately as an attachment. World War I brought on many changes in fashion, including men’s fashion. Soldiers were issued softer shirts with softer collars, and this became a popular trend in everyday life which became a real fashion controversy. Today, collars of all shapes, size, and texture are acceptable, but a real gentleman is rarely seen without one.

A shirt collar is meant to frame the neck and enhance the overall fit of the shirt. The perfect shirt will have the perfect fitting shirt collar; which is achieved through custom tailoring. A perfect fitting collar also attributes to comfort – a man’s “best friend” on those long business trips or during social engagements.

Currently, the most common types of shirt collar choices are the button-down, traditional, and spread collar – with several versions of these depending on the preference of the gentleman and whether the shirt is worn dressy or more casual.

Button-Down Collar:

First worn by polo players in the late 1800’s to keep their collars secure during a match, a button-down collar is now most commonly seen on an oxford fabric shirt. This gives it a more casual appeal for weekend wear, but can also be worn with a tie if your destination is more of a social endeavor and not business.


These collars tend to be the perfect conservative basic that look great with all tie knots. They are common and popular for most men, and out of all the shirt collar choices, the Traditional is worn most by a lot of political figures because it holds the tie nicely as the points are closer together. There is also less hassle of fidgeting to fix collar point placement when wearing a jacket, because they tend not to get tucked under the jacket easily. The Traditional Spread Collar is a nondescript classic that suits all body, neck, and face types.

Spread Collars:

The most modern and contemporary out of the collar family, spread collars give a stylish feel to a shirt. The original theory behind a spread collar is to add a widening or fuller appearance to the wearer’s face, but that shouldn’t deter a guy with a round face from wearing one; the chic appeal looks great and flattering regardless. The spread collar also accommodates for a looser wider knot of the tie – which is another contemporary fashion statement. The Classic Spread is the most conservative with the least amount of spread; also referred to in menswear fashion as Semi-Spread. The English Wide Spread (image shown below) is the next step wider. Lastly, the widest spread out of these three shirt collar choices is the English Cutaway.