Are My Shirt Sleeves Long Enough? They Feel Constrictive.

If you are always asking yourself: “Are my shirt sleeves long enough?” because you experience frustrating constriction while wearing, then most likely they need to be longer. Getting the perfect sleeve length with a dress shirt can be tricky business, especially if you are not aware of all the “rules,” and if while standing with your arms straight down by your sides, the end of the sleeve (which is buttoned) is not reaching where the palm begins, they are probably too short.  The following is helpful information to make sure your sleeves are the correct length and have a good fit; we even address a couple of cuff and elbow issues that arise if the sleeves do not fit correctly.

The correct length of the sleeve:

For the most comfort and optimal movement while raising your arms or reaching forward, the length of the sleeve cuff (measured with the cuff buttoned) should end where the palm begins and just beyond the wrist bone. If it’s any shorter than this, even by a half an inch, it will appear too small and will not allow for the best movement. This exact and correct length may seem rudimentary to some, but when the sleeve length is off, it can ruin the entire look and feel of the shirt.

Watch accommodation:

If the sleeve is too short, irrespective of the correct watch allowance circumference, the cuff will constantly catch on the edge of the watch as well as fully expose it with any slight upward or forward movement; again causing an overall look of tackiness and ill-fitting shirt. For more informationon watch accommodation click here Cuff Fit And Watch Allowance

Elbow rips possible:

Another problem you may have if your sleeves are too short, is the fabric ripping in the elbow area.  This is obviously because the fabric circumference will not be wide enough to allow for ample movement without wear and tear in this area. Because the fabric tapers down from the armhole to the end of the sleeve, it’s crucial that the length is perfect. For more information on elbow rips click here Elbow Shirt Rips